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We strive to pay top prices for watches and provide immediate payment after we’ve established an agreement to purchase your watch. We’ll promptly pay you by bank check, bank wire transfer, or cash. We can also accommodate other payment preferences you may have.

What We Paylets face it ! not all the watches are equal, some worth $1, some $10 some $3000 etc, and some can go as much as "priceless" to some people. if your watch is priceless to you and you need money and you have no choice but to sell it, please let us know. We are honest establishment and we don't like to feel guilt by purchasing your precious item from you and making profit on it . We may not buy your watch from you but will help you to sell it on the market for the top dollar and all we ask is 12% after all the expenses. this option make a very good choice for some people. and usa watch repair is a local premier purchaser of high-end, regular, and vintage luxury timepieces. We facilitate a way for our customers to get the most for their watch in the fastest time.

We provide watch sellers a quality of service and an easy, trusted way to sell their watch. Four things to remember when selling your watch: Trust, Ease, Compensation and Reward. USA has the ability to offer greater trust than Craigslist or Ebay, greater compensation than a Jeweler and a greater reward than anyone else. If you want to sell your watch we would be honored to make you an offer. Sell your watch for significantly more.

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