USA Watch Repair
Watch Battery Replacement
Watch Battery Replacement

We can change your watch battery while you wait 10min or less or ship it to your door next day or regular mail.
At USA Watch Repair, we routinely change over 100 watch batteries every day. This unparalleled volume has given us experience with every type of watch, from the simplest Timex to the most complicated, exclusive limited edition Watches. We routinely replace batteries in the best and most popular watch brands on the market - Seiko, Breitling, Ebel, Movado, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Swiss Army, Nike, Casio, Timex, etc.

We provide exceptional service at low prices. We only use Renata brand name swiss watch batteries because this is the original Swiss watch battery that all Swiss watch manufactures is using in they watches. If you have a kinetic or solar powered watch that will no longer hold its charge its time to replace the rechargeable battery inside your watch called the (capacitor). We can order an original replacement capacitor for your watch .
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USA Watch Repair & Watch Restoration Services

Highest Quality Watch Repair Services Include:

  • Disassembled, clean, oil, and time using state of the art watch repair equipment.
  • Clean all moving parts with specialized cleaning solvents
  • Proper lubrication with only the highest grade lubricants & oils.
  • Thorough testing of accuracy.
  • Your watch is tested to our exacting standards over a 72 hour period to assure
    accuracy, water resistance and proper functionality.

Optional Watch Restoration Services Include:

  • Replacement/repair of the bezel.
  • Replacement of the crystal if necessary.
  • Repairing or replacing the watch dial.
  • Restoration or replacement of the watch hands.
  • Full restoration of vintage Watches

100% Complete Satisfaction.

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